VIC AMA Winter Series: Rd 2 Winchelsea Results

Firstly thanks to the Worland’s, the land owners. They went to a lot of effort to assist with the set up of the trial as well rather than just simply make the land available.

I’d also like the thank the amazing efforts of the people involved in setting up the trial: Greg & Reece Chalmers, Jimmy Dunger, Matt Kerr, Craig Genner, Simon Watts, Les Pattinson, Peter Wines, and Simon Colombo.

There was a Pub Meal on the Saturday night and it’s fair to say we will do that again.

I haven’t got around to the series points yet, but here are the results from Round 2.

AMA VIC Winter Series: Round 2 – Winchelsea | Entries now open

Following on from the success of the summer series and Round 1 held by Southern Trial Riders, OMCC are launching into their first round of the winter series at Winchelsea.

This will be round 2 in a 5 round series.

  • Round 1: Sunday 18th April 2021, Mardan [STR]
  • Round 2: Sunday 16th May 2021, Winchelsea [OMCC]
  • Round 3: Sunday 20th June 2021, Wildwood [OMCC]
  • Round 4: Sunday 18th July 2021, Scarsdale [OMCC]
  • Round 5: Saturday 30th – Sunday 31st October 2021, TBC [Joint OMCC & STR]
  • Awards & Presentation: Sunday 12th December, OMCC Club Grounds [OMCC]

Camping is available Saturday night at no charge, just please bring all your rubbish home as there will be no bins.

Entries close Thursday prior to the day of the event @ 11:55pm.

All entries are via:

Working Bee Outcome

Thank you to all our very committed members who made it today in some particularly terrible weather. Despite the conditions we had 48 members come along to help (some of these are family memberships, so there were more than 48 bodies) and you could tell as the car park was full of cars.

The weather limited what we could do however we still managed:

  • Cleaned the container out
  • Cleaned up the section setting gear
  • Trimmed long grass
  • Cut the growth over the fence along northern and western fence lines
  • Move clubroom furniture
  • Cleaned the walls
  • Patched & poly-filled the holes
  • Made a great start on the painting with the skirting boards
  • Patched holes in the roof
  • Mulched a stack of cuttings
  • And much more!

From all accounts, this was one of the best turnouts in our recent history.

It’s understandable that not everyone can make it, and I appreciate those who have reached out and let me know and offered an alternative. We will be having a ‘make-up’ day on Saturday 24th April to finish the club room painting and non-attendants will get a follow up email.

Thank you again…big things are happening at OMCC and this club spirit is a big part of it.

Glenmaggie 2021 Wrap up and results

Thanks to the 109 entrants, 25 of which came from interstate. It was a warm, but relaxing weekend. Due to the recent rains, the creeks were up and there was a number of areas we could not use. We even saw a few drowned bikes.

We raised over $2500 for Tim Coleman’s recovery efforts through camping fees and donations.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again next year.

Results below…photos to follow.

That’s a wrap!

Yesterday was the final wrap up of the summer series with a trophy presentation, social ride day and BBQ.

Congratulations to all our award winners and also Rocky, our newest life member.

Thank you Les!

This is why you want to be a member of OMCC! Here is Les Pattinson who set sections for us at the Summer Series. Then he observed at the Summer Series. Then he realised some of the newer riders were struggling in a few areas so he reached out to them. Then he ran an impromptu training session on Thursday night for them! Thank you Les.

OMCC Summer Series Round 4 & Series Results

Well, that’s a wrap for the OMCC 2020/21 summer series. Round 4 was completed yesterday after a bit of a lockdown scare but we made it! Thank you to the riders who came from far and wide to participate. We are glad you came, and from the feedback most of you enjoyed yourselves.

These things can’t happen with an army of volunteers and so I would like to thank all the section setters, observers, Janina Gorski for the excellent work on the BBQ and the entire OMCC committee for their support.

Don’t forget about the trophy presentation on the 14th March. All entrants, and volunteers are welcome to visit OMCC club ground for a day of social riding, BBQ Lunch & a trophy presentation.

Some stats for the series:

  • 85 unique riders across all 4 rounds
  • 25 riders competing in their very first trial
  • 480 sausages consumed
  • 0 piece of paper required (all digital sign up & sign on)
  • Most popular class: T5/Clubman with 28 riders
  • 11 First time observers

We hope to see you all at Glenmaggie at Easter.

AGM outcome

Yesterday OMCC held their AGM. Thank you to all who attended.

We are pleased to announce our new committee which is as follows:

  • President: Peter Wines
  • Vice President: Peter Spencer
  • Secretary: David Grice
  • Assistant Secretary: Simon Watts
  • Treasurer: Greg Chalmers
  • Assistant Treasurer: Reece Chalmers
  • Ground Supervisor: John Wilson
  • Assistant Ground Supervisor: Craig Genner
  • Communications officer and Social Secretary: Justin Stone
  • General committee: Les Pattinson, Zac Mularczyk, Grant Phillips and Steven Carter
  • Motorcycling Victoria Delegates: Peter Wines, David Grice

There are some departures as a result of the new changes and we would like to extend a big thank you to Stan Mularczyk, Chris Grubb, Jason Shilton, Mike Brady & Reece Chalmers for their efforts over the last year.

The club are very lucky to have such a supportive group of volunteers who are working to make the club a better place.

Changes to the sign in process at the Club & AMA membership card policy

Hello OMCC Members,

Most of you should be familiar with our QR code process at signon.

We have decided to make some tweaks to it, to include the expiration date of your AMA Membership. For those that have entered the summer series, you will already have this information as it was required at entry, but for those that dont please make sure you get it as it’s now a mandatory field at sign on for practice as well (see image below). The QR code hasn’t changed, and this is effective immediately.

The club has introduced a policy that your AMA membership card (digital is fine) must be able to be presented to a grounds supervisor on request. So we encourage all members to take a screenshot or download of your membership card and keep a copy with you. It has your expiration date on it as well which is needed for sign on.

To do this:

  1. Go to:
  2. Login
  3. Membership Menu
  4. Members Area
  5. Member Cards
  6. Download your member card (pdf format)
  7. Save it to you phone so you can present it when asked by a club official or grounds supervisor

It is your responsibility to ensure you are riding with adequate coverage under the AMA, however the club has plans to spot check riders from time to time.

New field at signon.png

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