What’s happening at OMCC – July 2023


  • Working bee – A job well done!
  • Victorian Trial Series Round 3 – Wrap up.
  • Victorian Trial Series Round 5 – Winchelsea next up.
  • Chris Bayles Training at OMCC – July 29-30th
  • Kids Training.
  • Uniting Trials in Australia — “Motorcycle Trials Australia” Proposal
  • TdN Donation and supporting the 2023 TdN Campaign.

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Working bee – A job well done!

On Sunday 28th May we had a good turnout of our hard-working club members who came along to spruce up the club grounds and get us ready for the trial. Despite some less-than-ideal weather, there was heaps of rubble collected and whipper-snipping done to get the place looking great. There was also section setting gear cleaned, clubrooms tidied, and toilets cleaned.

The working bee continued into the Monday with Derek, Ian M and Rocky coming down to help clear Simpson Rd shrubbery that was over growing!

Checkout OMCC Facebook page for photos.

Victorian Trial Series Round 3 – Wrap up

OMCC hosted the 3rd round of the VTS series. As part of the reaffiliation with MV, OMCC are now combining forces with Ballarat Rovers and Trials Club of Victoria in running the 5 round series.

The club grounds hosted 12 wonderful sections and after canvassing a wide range of riders across various grades and abilities there was consistent feedback that we had set everything about right with sufficient variety. There are always learning opportunities that we will take away and improve on.

Thanks to our neighbours at Oakleigh Pistol Club who helped with overflow parking.

It was a massive effort from team OMCC with an awesome turnout on Saturday to set the 12 sections and were mostly done by 1pm although those red & green arrows to a little while to finish.

Special thanks to our brave observers, OMCC committee who helped coordinate events and gave up their ride to be event officials, Amanda Kerr who kept score on a new system for OMCC which presented a few challenges but were stoically overcome, and Benny & Noel who did the BBQ. All funds raised from the BBQ goes towards the Australian TDN campaign.

Scores are now online here: https://trials.au/posts/vts-round-3-results-18510

Victorian Trial Series Round 5 – Winchelsea next up

With Round 3 behind us, OMCCs next challenge is the running of Round 5 at Winchelsea on Sunday 23rd July. We hope to see you all (and more!) at our next event.

If you can help with Winchelsea section setting, it will be on Saturday prior (22nd July) and all section setters will get a $25 contribution to your meal on the Saturday night at the pub.

Observers will also be needed. If you can observe, or bring an observer, it would be a massive help to the club.

If you can help in any way, get in touch with Peter Spencer who is coordinating: [email protected]

Entries will open for the event in about 2 weeks.

Chris Bayles Training at OMCC – July 29-30th

Back by popular demand is one of Tassies finest! OMCC welcomes members and non-members to a weekend with one of Australia’s Trials des Nations team representatives.

A jam-packed weekend of training is planned with the structure as follows:

  • T4 (C+) and above training (Saturday July 29th)
  • Beginner to C grade (Sunday July 30th)

Chris has done plenty of training at OMCC in the past and has always been well received. We expect this to sell out fast as spots are limited.

Training times run 10am-3pm with a break for lunch & OMCC will be putting on a BBQ lunch for you as part of your entry.

Online entries here: https://entryplace.com.au/ChrisBaylesTrainingJul23

Kids Training

Our club volunteers have been working with MV to get up to speed with the MV kids training programme, details, and dates to follow soon.

Uniting Trials in Australia — “Motorcycle Trials Australia” Proposal


Pete Goddard (President/Director at Motorcycling Australia) in consultation with members of the Trials community are putting forward a strong proposal to revitalise Motorcycle Trials in Australia.

This new proposal from Motorcycling Australia aims to address fragmentation, improve accessibility, and foster unity within the sport.

OMCC are in broad support of this initiative and supports our work already underway with MA for our custom insurance policy.

There does appear to be almost universal support from the trials community Australia wide however not every state controlling body supports it.

The ask is for OMCC members to reach out to MV and express their support for this transition …especially if you also are affiliated with other clubs and can show support from beyond just the trials focused clubs.

Full details on the proposal are here: https://trials.au/posts/uniting-trials-in-australia-a-transformative-proposal-18407

TdN Donation and supporting the 2023 TdN Campaign

OMCC have committed to a $1,000 donation to the Australian TDN campaign for 2023. However, there is more that we can all do to help as well:

  • Continue to be generous with your support of the BBQs Benny and Noel will run at Round 5 Winchelsea. (They won’t be running one at Mt Bolton due to BRMMCs arrangements with the local Lions Club).
  • We strongly encourage all OMCC riders to attend the TDN fund raising trial at Argyle on August 6th. Even if you are not normally a competitive rider, come have fun and ride at this wonderful property.
  • By Raffle tickets (available at events or online via Facebook: “Trial des Nations Team Australia”)

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