OMCC held its AGM on the 4th May 2023. Thanks to those who turned up and for those who couldn’t that submitted their forms. Changing membership fees can be a sensitive topic and so getting as broad as possible feedback from our members is appreciated. 

We are pleased to announce the new fee structure that will pay for the new insurance scheme has been resoundingly supported by members. Updates on the execution of the new insurance scheme will follow as soon as we have news. 

As a way to reduce the impact of the increase, it was decided to alter our membership renewal date to the 1st March each year (Was 1st Jan). 

As a result, for the 2023 year there is only 10 months left and so although the 12 month membership fees are $250, we will pro-rata the first year as follows:

5th May 2023 – 28th Feb 2024: $200 (metro) / $100 (non-metro)

1st March 2024 – 28th Feb 2025: $250 (metro) / $125 (non-metro)

Day membership will be $20 going forward.

Memberships are now open to be renewed. Please visit the club website here:

With the AGM we also voted in the new committee, and so I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members and farewell some loyal servants of the club.

Committee Members Departing:Committee Members Added:
Greg Chalmers (Treasurer)
Peter Wines
Zac Mularczyk
John Barlow
Steve Carter
Janina Gorski

To Greg Chalmers (Treasurer) and Peter Wines (Former President) who have left the committee, thank you for your loyal service over such an extended period of time; words won’t do justice to the contributions you have made but trust that you won’t be forgotten and the club is in a better place for your efforts.

The OMCC committee is now comprised of:

  • Peter Spencer (President)
  • Simon Watts (Secretary)
  • Matt Kerr (Treasurer) 
  • David Grice (Vice President)
  • Chris Grubb (Membership Secretary)
  • John Wilson (Groundskeeper)
  • Craig Genner (Assistant Groundskeeper)
  • Janina Gorski (Communications Officer)
  • Stan Mularczyk (General Committee)
  • John Barlow (General Committee)
  • Steve Carter (General Committee)
  • Reece Chalmers (General Committee)

A word from David Grice, departing president:

Thanks to all who supported me during my time as club president, and the two years prior to that as Secretary. Over the last 3 years we have dealt with COVID as well as Insurance issues; it has been a rather intense time to be involved with the management of the club. My focus needs to be elsewhere for the immediate future so I am taking a step back to Vice President but am committed to staying involved and supporting the momentum we have built up as a club. There are some exciting opportunities ahead for the club that I would like to ensure get delivered. I’d like to extend a massive thanks to Peter Spencer who has been an invaluable support to me over the last year while dealing with the Insurance issues. I’m confident we will be in good hands. 

A word from Peter Spencer, incoming president:

I wish to put forward a huge thank you to David Grice, what a huge and tireless effort he has done over the last 3+ years we all should be grateful and thankful, keeping this club open through a once in a 100 year pandemic and all the insurance challengers are just a couple of the countless things that David has done for the club, good news is that David is intending to remain on the committee and has some exciting projects planned.  

Also the efforts from Greg Chalmers, Greg is someone who has volunteered his time and just been there ready to help over the years and always been supporting the club, Greg intends to be a very active member of the club in the future.  

A big thanks also goes to the departing committee members and to the club members who have volunteered to be committee members and giving up their valuable time. 

A special thanks goes to the long term committee members who are once again prepared to give up their time to make this club successful 

Moving forward, I think we all need to appreciate the special club and facilities that we have and look forward to the next year. 


Peter Spencer

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