Hello Members,

We apologise for the extended delay that has occurred whilst we have been in negotiations with our various governing bodies.

2023 got off to a shaky start for a lot of motorcycling clubs in Australia, including OMCC. This presented a number of challenges that the committee has been working hard on behind the scenes to address.

The good news is that we have finally landed on a workable solution that will allow us to continue both competition and social riding at OMCC. Competition events will be run under Motorcycling Australia, and social riding days at the club ground will be covered by our ARMA affiliation.

Our AGM has been delayed by a few months, and is now scheduled for 7:00pm on Thursday 4th May, 2023. It will be held at the club grounds, 1 Simpson St Clayton South. All current members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please treat this as an official notice of the AGM.

In addition to the normal AGM business, the club is proposing a fee increase that needs to be voted on. This is primarily due to our re-affiliation with MA, which comes at a higher cost than the previous AMA affiliation.

To cover these increased insurance costs and ensure the club remains in a viable financial position, the proposed increases are:

  • Standard Adult/Family Membership:
    Increase from $160 to $250 (includes adult, spouse and U18 family members)
  • Non-Metro Melbourne Adult/Family Membership:
    Increase from $80 to $125 (includes adult, spouse and U18 family members for those that reside outside of Metro Melbourne)
  • Day Membership
    No increase, remains at $15

This fee increase provides a more robust insurance option through Motorcycling Australia which are less likely to disappear on us the way AMA did. As this will secure the clubs insurance position, we strongly encourage members to vote in favour of the fee structure change. The club has worked exceptionally hard to secure a solution that avoids the ‘per ride’ charges you often see with other disciplines like MX, which would see members charged significantly more. Also when compared to other sports, we feel this is a very economical option.

The AGM is an important event for OMCC. It gives its members a broad overview of the club’s current directions, financial health and confirms its purpose. It is also the time to revitalise the organisation through the official engagement of members into key elected positions.

We encourage as many members as possible to get down, and if you are able, get involved in the running of the club. It will be in-person only and there will be no on-line options. If you are unable to attend you can delegate your vote to a proxy.

In terms of sequence, we will have the AGM and then assuming the above fees are ratified by members we send our membership renewals. We also have a bit of pent up demand for new members that we have been holding at bay while all this has been going on. 

Big things are happening at OMCC, and this can’t be done without passionate and enthusiastic volunteers.

OMCC AGM Details:

WhenThursday, 4th May 2023
WhereOMCC Club Grounds: 1 Simpson Rd, Clayton South, Vic, 3169

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