MV Affiliation and procedure to get licenses


It’s official. OMCC are now affiliated with MV. This will allow you to get your competition licenses with OMCC as your registered club.

For those of you who are new to competing under the MA/MV arrangements and want to compete in upcoming VTS series starting at Ravenswood on Sunday 30th you will need to do the following:

  1. Create a Ridernet profile here:
  2. Email OMCC [email protected] and provide your:
    • Ridernet ID (6 digit code)
    • Date of birth
    • Surname
  3. We will add you as an OMCC member on the backend of the Ridernet system. You will get an email back saying “Club Registration Approved”. IMPORTANT: ignore the part where it asks you to pay for membership. This is a default and we can’t change it.
  4. You can then get your MV license now your profile is registered against a MV affiliated club. For trials, if that is all you are doing, you will need a Senior Restricted Licenses (Adults) or Junior Restricted License (Up to 16 Yrs).
    In the Ridernet system look for your name on the top right, and:
    • Select My Profile
    • Select Licenses
    • Add a License
    • Riding License
    • And choose the license appropriate to you and follow the rest of the steps.
  5. Once you have your license, you can enter the event here:
  6. Remember to have your license ready on the day as it does get checked at sign-on (PDF/screen shot of it on your phone is fine).

Good luck!

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