OMCC Social Media Policy

Social media can be a powerful tool for motorcycle clubs to connect with each other and share information with the wider community. However, it is important that club members use social media in a responsible and respectful manner. To ensure this, we have developed the following social media policy for our motorcycle club:

  1. Be respectful: Members must always be respectful towards each other, other clubs, and the wider community when using social media. Offensive language or behavior will not be tolerated.
  2. Keep club business private: Members should not share confidential or sensitive club information on social media, such as meeting minutes or personal information about other members. This includes information about club rides and events that have not yet occurred.
  3. Do not post anything that could harm the club’s reputation: Members should avoid posting anything that could harm the reputation of the club or other members. This includes photos or videos that depict illegal or dangerous activities.
  4. Avoid negative comments: Members should avoid making negative comments about other members or clubs on social media. If a member has a concern or complaint, they should address it privately with the appropriate person.
  5. Follow copyright laws: Members should not post copyrighted material without permission, such as images or music.

Disciplinary action:

Any member who breaches this social media policy may face disciplinary action, which could include:

  • Verbal or written warning
  • Suspension from club activities
  • Expulsion from the club

The disciplinary action will depend on the severity of the breach and will be determined by the club’s executive committee.

We hope that all members will follow this social media policy to ensure that our motorcycle club maintains a positive and respectful online presence.

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