Summer Development Series – Round 1 Entries Open

OMCC are back with a series of development days aimed at getting OMCC members into more formal competition and give existing riders a chance to develop their skills further.

For New riders:

There is no better place to learn trials than trying a to ride a section set by someone else. White arrows (T5) and Blue arrows (T4) are typically where most people start. It’s a great learning opportunity to know what you need to practice when you come to back to the club.

Buddies can be assigned to help with section reading, rules, and general competition orientation.

For Previously Non-Competitive Riders:

Without the formality and expense of getting a competitive license, come and try trials in a competitive format in the familiarity of the OMCC club grounds. It will be a good opportunity to see if competing is for you before having to commit to the expenses of a licence etc. Even if that doesn’t eventuate, most riders take away a lot of learnings from riding a in a section set by someone else so there often a win-win either way.

Buddies can be assigned to help with section reading, rules, and general competition orientation.

Competitive Riders:

You know already what this is about…come and ride when there are no typically scheduled trials for a bit of a laugh and fun in a very relaxed atmosphere. Feel free to push yourself and try a higher grade? Or bring out the Twinshocks for something different? Lets have some fun and keep things interesting!

Please understand however that the focus is to get new people competing so please be supportive to the newer riders.

Who is this open to:

OMCC Annual Members

OMCC Day Members ($20)


Saturday 9th December

Saturday 20th January

Saturday 10th February


Gates open: 12:00 midday

Rider Briefing: 1pm

Start: 1:15pm

BBQ: From 4-6pm

Finish: 6pm


T6No arrows; just get from start to end gates and stay between the boundary tape. This is where riders with no riding experience (e.g. juniors) typically start.
T5White Arrows; medium to tight turns, and mostly obstacle free. This is where beginner riders should start.
T4Blue Arrows; tight turns with obstacles ranging in size from axle height to wheel height
T4+Blue arrows with a + mark; very tight turns but shouldn’t need to hop and wheel height obstacles
T3Yellow Arrows; hopping required to make turns, waist height obstacles with very little run up. We will offer the occasional ‘red’ arrow for those keen to push themselves.


Individual $35

Family $50

BBQ included in entry fee (from 4pm)


Buddy system (you ride with a partner who will validate your scores)

Scores will be tallied to monitor improvement over the series.

Entry Links for Round 1:

Step 1: Enter on Google Forms here:

Step 2: Make payment here:

PLEASE NOTE: Entry is not complete unless forms is submitted and payment is made.

What’s happening at OMCC – November 2023

Great OMCC representation at the Aussie Titles

OMCC was well represented at the South Australia Trials week with 14 competitors. Starting with the South Australian State Titles, a mid-week Wednesday trial and the culminating in the Australia Titles on the final weekend it made it a great opportunity to get away and switch off. For anyone thinking about travelling interstate for trials events…do it. It’s a lot of fun.

The Vine Inn 2023 Australian Trial Championship at Eden Valley, hosted by Keyneton Motorcycle Club, was a warm weather event that reached 33 degrees on Saturday, cooler conditions on Sunday set the scene for a great outing among competitors.

Sections felt significantly harder than usual which seems to be par for ‘Aussies’. The State titles were more more of the usual standard.

Well done to our podium finishers:

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What’s happening at OMCC – August 2023

VTS Done

On Sunday 23rd July OMCC hosted the 5th and final round of the 2023 Victorian Trials Series. It was another great trial at one of our favourite properties. We hosted roughly 70 entrants on the banks of the Barwon River. The OMCC team pulled together and had roughly 14 Section setters which made light work of the prep as well as a hardy and cheerful group of volunteer observer and event officials, scorers etc.

It was awesome to see Benny & Noel doing the TdN fundraiser BBQ and thank you to those who supported it.

OMCC sincerely thanks all those who were involved and work across this and the other rounds to make the VTS a great success.

Congratulations to all OMCC riders who placed in this round and across the series. Trophies will be handed out at the Vic Titles in August.

Kids Training

OMCC is happy to announce that we now have two Motorcycling Australia Club Coaches.

This means that we can now do our own juniors KICK START training to help kids on their way to a Competition Licence.

Now that we are affiliated with Motorcycling Australia the requirement for a junior’s competition licence is as follows:

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What’s happening at OMCC – July 2023


  • Working bee – A job well done!
  • Victorian Trial Series Round 3 – Wrap up.
  • Victorian Trial Series Round 5 – Winchelsea next up.
  • Chris Bayles Training at OMCC – July 29-30th
  • Kids Training.
  • Uniting Trials in Australia — “Motorcycle Trials Australia” Proposal
  • TdN Donation and supporting the 2023 TdN Campaign.

[5 Min read]

Working bee – A job well done!

On Sunday 28th May we had a good turnout of our hard-working club members who came along to spruce up the club grounds and get us ready for the trial. Despite some less-than-ideal weather, there was heaps of rubble collected and whipper-snipping done to get the place looking great. There was also section setting gear cleaned, clubrooms tidied, and toilets cleaned.

The working bee continued into the Monday with Derek, Ian M and Rocky coming down to help clear Simpson Rd shrubbery that was over growing!

Checkout OMCC Facebook page for photos.

Victorian Trial Series Round 3 – Wrap up

OMCC hosted the 3rd round of the VTS series. As part of the reaffiliation with MV, OMCC are now combining forces with Ballarat Rovers and Trials Club of Victoria in running the 5 round series.

The club grounds hosted 12 wonderful sections and after canvassing a wide range of riders across various grades and abilities there was consistent feedback that we had set everything about right with sufficient variety. There are always learning opportunities that we will take away and improve on.

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MV Affiliation and procedure to get licenses


It’s official. OMCC are now affiliated with MV. This will allow you to get your competition licenses with OMCC as your registered club.

For those of you who are new to competing under the MA/MV arrangements and want to compete in upcoming VTS series starting at Ravenswood on Sunday 30th you will need to do the following:

  1. Create a Ridernet profile here:
  2. Email OMCC [email protected] and provide your:
    • Ridernet ID (6 digit code)
    • Date of birth
    • Surname
  3. We will add you as an OMCC member on the backend of the Ridernet system. You will get an email back saying “Club Registration Approved”. IMPORTANT: ignore the part where it asks you to pay for membership. This is a default and we can’t change it.
  4. You can then get your MV license now your profile is registered against a MV affiliated club. For trials, if that is all you are doing, you will need a Senior Restricted Licenses (Adults) or Junior Restricted License (Up to 16 Yrs).
    In the Ridernet system look for your name on the top right, and:
    • Select My Profile
    • Select Licenses
    • Add a License
    • Riding License
    • And choose the license appropriate to you and follow the rest of the steps.
  5. Once you have your license, you can enter the event here:
  6. Remember to have your license ready on the day as it does get checked at sign-on (PDF/screen shot of it on your phone is fine).

Good luck!

OMCC ‘Welcome Back’ Fun & Training Day

We missed you all during our unplanned absence over the insurance issues. As a thank you to our loyal members the club is putting on a training day and BBQ for members.

What: Adult & Juniors Training + BBQ lunch

Who: For ALL Adults and Kids

Where: OMCC Club Ground, 1 Simpsons Road, Clayton South

When: 19th March 2023, Start time is 10.00am

How Much: Training & BBQ is Free to members.

Training will start with a briefing at the Club House, and then followed by several practice sections and kids fun activities. We will have several groups of different levels and training from beginners to A grade. Everyone is welcome. Just come for the BBQ if you don’t require training.

New and day members welcome by appointment (conditions apply).

To help with catering please fill in the google form by using the link below to register.

We hope to see you all there!

Glenmaggie 2023 Easter trial cancelled

Hello all,

Due to OMCCs current situation with insurance, we are still unable to run competitions. We continue to work with the governing bodies to sort this out however the pace is very slow and has not left us with enough runway to be certain about its resolution before we must commit to the Easter Trial.

After having over 100 riders at a trial in the 2022 Glenmaggie Easter trial we do appreciate there would have been some interest. Apologies to those disrupted by this however we wanted to leave people with enough notice to make alternative arrangements for Easter.

We have explored with the landowners the potential to run a two-day event at Glenmaggie later in the year and will update you if this happens. It is expected that OMCCs running of the Glenmaggie Easter trial will return in 2024.

16th Feb will be a general meeting. AGM date pending.


Way back in early November we moved the AGM out to Feb 16th thinking it would give us enough time to have all this insurance stuff sorted and be able to have an understanding on the impact to membership fees. Oh the naivety!

Although the club is open thanks to securing an ARMA policy, we don’t feel like this is a strategic solution. We have not yet got all the details from MA yet about a custom policy and so are unable to present any information to members.

We will be in touch with a date for the AGM as soon as we have all the inputs needed to make a decision.

Until then, we will make the 16th Feb at 8pm a general club meeting, members are welcome (and encouraged) to attend. Obviously there has been a lot going on behind the scenes and so if members want to come and ask questions of the committee, get an understanding of what has transpired over the last few months and provide feedback that would be welcome.

Hope to see you on Thursday.

OMCC to re-open for Social Riding Sunday 5th Feb


Great news!

Effective Sunday 5th Feb 2023 OMCC will resume its usual social riding operating hours (10am-3:30pm) and will be followed by Tuesday 7th Feb (10-2pm roughly) and Thursday Twilights on the 9th Feb.

Apologies about the delays but we have had several significant impacts to the resumption of activities that have been far less straight forward than our last update suggested.

Despite the speed bumps, we are pleased to announce we can re-open for social riding.

We have secured PI/PL insurance through ARMA and this protects the clubs and officials however it does not provide income and injury protection for the riders. Please bear this in mind as you will see we have had to update the clubs waiver and the sign-on forms will also reflect this as well.

Although it was always the case prior, we remind all members it’s a requirement to obtain your own ambulance cover/membership.

Here is a quick summary of the main options the club had been exploring (AMA, although not an option shown for reference):

 Protects the Club & OfficialsProtects the RidersCosts to rider
AMAIndividual $55 per year
Family $110 per year
MA/MV Standard Offering via Ride Parks Australia

$15 per ride

$30 per ride or
$15 per ride + a MA License

Given ARMA is currently the only viable option available to OMCC we have had to proceed however our attempts to resume under Motorcycling Australia/Victoria are still pending. The club looks forward to the continued working relationship with Peter Goddard and the MA delegates while we explore options more appropriate for OMCC which is dominated by social riding (>150 days per year) and as such the standard offering (150+ permits each year, $15/$30 rider fee each time) doesn’t really suit our situation. As we get more details on the costs and availability of a custom policy we will keep you posted.

There will be new QR codes at the club and previous QR codes and links to the old sign-on forms will be disabled.

An update on OMCCs ability to resume competitions will follow as soon as we have finalised details, but a priority is on resuming our clubs social riding.

I’d like to take the time to thank the committee who have lived through the ups and downs of the last few months. A special thank you needs to go out to Vice President Peter Spencer who has done significant work on this and has lost sleep on several occasions!

I’d also like to extend a thank you to our members who’s patience has been appreciated. Thank you for giving us the space to work through this and I am genuinely sorry it has taken this long.

I look forward to catching up with you all on the bikes down at the club.

OMCC Liability Waiver

Members please find below the clubs new liability waiver we have introduced as part of the resumption of activities under ARMA.



1. I HEREBY AGREE with Oakleigh Motorcycle Club Incorporated (‘OMCC’) that I am by this agreement entitled to participate in the motorcycle activity meeting identified in Schedule 2 (hereinafter called the Meeting’ or the °Event’) at the venue listed at Schedule 3 (hereinafter called ‘the Venue) on the terms and conditions set out in this document.

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