OMCC October Member Update

In this update:

  • Thursday Twilights are back (6th Oct)
  • Winter Series updates
  • Summer Series returns for 22-23
  • AMA Sport Licenses
  • JETS Youth Training Rd 4 (Oct 8th)
  • Club Meetings including AGM (Oct 13th, Nov 10th)
  • Working Bee (Oct 30th)
  • Twinshock Extravaganza (Nov 27th)
  • OMCC Xmas Breakup BBQ (Dec 4th)
  • Call for grounds supervisors

It’s been a while since our last update, and as a result this one is jam packed. 

Thursday Twilights are back

Now that the clocks have changed, OMCC will resume with Thursday Twilights opening from Oct 6th (this Thursday).

Please note that Thursdays are a more casual arrangement, and there are no formally assigned ground supervisors to open. 4PM is a loose guide and there are often people down earlier if you want to chance it. 

We also do not do bike hire however guests are welcome if coming with other members. 

Please join us for self-funded pizza after the ride ($10-15 cash contribution)…just make sure you tell John & Craig you are staying so they order for you. 

Winter Series Updates

Our ambitions to host a 5 round winter series have been undone by weather (Rd 2 Scarsdale) and land-holder availability as well as calendar conflicts (Rd 5 Bonnie Doon). As a result, Argyle was our last event under the banner of the winter series. With the launch of the Summer Series we aim to replace some of the lost events.

Argyle, for those who made it, will go down in memory. Read the report here

We’ve also been informed that the STR event scheduled for Mardan on 6th November has been canceled so we have taken that weekend for the Summer Series. STR will still be going ahead with the Xmas breakup in Woodleigh on 11th Dec. 

The Club calendar has been updated with all these changes here.

Summer Series returns for 22-23

…and is bigger and better than last year! There are now two options of Thursday nights (4 rounds) and the traditional Saturday Afternoon (3 rounds).

Looking to start in early November, there will be more communication about this and the dates to members very soon. 

AMA Sport Licenses

The AMA communicated to all its members in Early September in an email titled “IMPORTANT – Information About A Sports Licence”.

OMCC and other affiliated clubs were not aware that this was planned nor were we consulted about this. We have since confirmed with the AMA that the Trials discipline is not required to have this. 

We were promised that a revised communication from the AMA was going to be sent to all its members but until then please be assured the club has written communication from the AMA that trials riders do not need to have a Sports License on top of their AMA membership to ride trials. Other trials clubs have also had to communicate this to its members on behalf of the AMA.

If you ride other disciplines (e.g. Enduro), please check your obligations with the other clubs & organisaitons. 

JETS Youth Training Rd 4

The OMCC JETS are back at it again on Saturday 8th Oct. Details and registration link below. No charge, but registration is essential. Link:

Parents support and help on the day is appreciated. 

JETS is our Junior Enthusiast Trials Squad and is OMCCs youth focused training program. There are training days for adult members, but the JETS is just for kids.

New and Day members are welcome by appointment (conditions apply). 

Club Meetings including AGM

The next club meeting is Thursday 13th Oct @ 7:30pm at the Club Grounds.

The goal of the October meeting will be to start shaping up the Winter series for 2023, as well as take our lessons and learnings from the 2022 series…plus the usual club business to attend to. 

The AGM is scheduled for Thursday 10th Nov @ 7:30pm at the Club Grounds.

The AGM is an important event for OMCC. It gives its members a broad overview of the club’s current directions, financial health and confirms its purpose. It is also the time to revitalise the organisation through the official engagement of members into key elected positions.

We encourage as many members as possible to get down, and if you are able, get involved in the running of the club.

Big things are happening at OMCC, and this can’t be done without passionate and enthusiastic volunteers.

Working Bee

The 2nd and last working bee of the year is scheduled for 30th Oct.

The place is looking great but we want to keep it that way.

To Do list is:

  • Pick up glass
  • Clean/sort/organise section setting gear
  • Trim grass (I expect it will be long a month from now)
  • Apply more weed killer around rock/log edges & fenceline

Please come equipped with your own weed killer sprayers, whipper snippers, gardening gloves & hat, and chisel to help get the silicon off the section arrows. 

OMCC is proud that we have such active members with a robust turn out at these working bee days. Sausage sizzle BBQ will be provided. 

If you are unable to make it and would like to make a donation to the club instead, you can do so here.

Twinshock Extravaganza

There is likely to be a day of retro trials at OMCC with a show & shine, along with some other festivities and possibly some special guests. More detail to follow on this but keep Nov 27th free.

OMCC Xmas Breakup BBQ

Please join us for an end of year celebration, ride and BBQ on December 4th.

Awards and presentations will be handed out and it is a great social day for our club.

Call for Grounds Supervisors

As you know we are a volunteer run club, and it’s helpful to share the load. On Sunday’s our club has a rotating roster of grounds supervisors who open and close the club grounds. It works out about once every 2-3 months and you are paired up with another person so it’s not all on you. 

As a thanks, OMCC reduces your membership fees as a small contribution and recognition for your efforts. 

As we start to work on the 2023 calendar it would be good to know if we have any new people who can help out. If you can help, please let Simon know: [email protected]

Thanks to those who have already volunteered. 

JETS junior training Sat 8th Oct

The OMCC JETS are back at it again on Saturday 8th Oct. Details and registration link below. No charge, but registration is essential. Link:

Parents support and help on the day is appreciated.

JETS is our Junior Enthusiast Trials Squad and is OMCCs youth focused training program. There are training days for adult members, but the JETS is just for kids.

Vic Championships Report, Scores and Video

In a few years from now, some of us will be saying…” Remember that trial at Argyle when it poured down!!!”

Well done to all involved in the first AMA Vic Championships held at Argyle this weekend. It’s fair to say the weather was as much of a trial as the sections were. Well done to those who finished no matter what your score.

As heroic as the riding was, so was the commitment from our hardy observers. OMCC is truly grateful for your efforts in some ‘sub-optimal’ conditions.

Thanks to our Interstate riders and TCV members who combined with the OMCC and Southern Trials riders faithful to make this a well-attended event. Also thanks to Ron the Land owner. We appreciate your commitment to run the event given the conditions.

A massive thank you to the team at OMCC and STR who helped set sections, run the event, and packed up in swift order. I think you are the real heroes in this story after giving up two weekends in a row to make this happen.

The Trophy presentation was abandoned due to the looming weather and the drive home made me glad we did, however trophies will be given out in the near future.

We already have people asking about next years event!

Scores and links to a YouTube video of the event are below.

Thanks, David.


Argyle is good to go!

Our OMCC section setting fairies have been very busy getting the Argyle property ready for our Victorian Championships. A massive thank you goes out to the team who have got 15 sections ready for you over the weekend: Reece, Greg, Matt, Geoff, Noah, David, Les & John.

A few event updates for you:

  1. Entries close Thursday 15th @ 9pm. Late entries will not be accepted. Entry Link:
  2. Reminder for entrants to bring an observer. We still need more observers to make this event fully observed.
  3. Day memberships are available if you don’t have an AMA membership. They are $15. Matt is making changes to the website to accommodate this today or tomorrow.
  4. Caravan parking on the high side. The property has had a bit of water and the land owner had requested this.
  5. The online self scrutineering forms will start going out shortly – keep an eye on your emails.

May Communication to Members

During April we were so busy getting ready for OMCCs showpiece event of the year, the Glenmaggie Easter Trial, that we didn’t get any comms out. We are back on schedule now but as a result this update is pretty full!

Jumping ahead, there is training Sunday 29th May for Beginner Adults thanks to Stan Mularczyk. If you can make it, please let the club know:

New members are welcome, and day memberships are also available (conditions apply). 

Glenmaggie 2022 done & dusted!

It was so nice to see 100+ riders for the first time in years at an OMCC trial. Thanks to all our interstate riders who made the journey. We had groups from QLD, NSW, CBR & TAS, including a few Victorians who drove 5+ hours! To return the favour, there is a large contingent of OMCC riders heading north for the Canberra 2 Day (more details below). For those of you who made it we hope you had a good time. The talk around the campgrounds seemed to suggest most of you did. 

It was a herculean effort by the organising team with the amount of rain and growth the property had. Setting sections required chainsaws & whipper snippers before you could put the arrows down in a lot of places. Floods also meant the club needed to make repairs to the crossing between the first & second car park. 

A massive thank you goes to the following people who were there across multiple weekends to make the event happen:

Rocky Egan, Phill Lewis, Phill Arnott, Simon Colombo, Simon Watts, David Grice, Noah Grice, Craig Genner, John Wilson, Matt Kerr, Peter Wines, Stan Mularcyzk, Zac Mularcyzk, Geoff Lewis, Gary McDonald. 

A very special mention to Reece & Greg Chalmers who did some very heavy lifting and deserve special mention for going above & beyond. The club appreciates all your hard work.

Thanks to our trainers who put in a fantastic effort: Caitlyn Cummins, Jono Chellas, Stan Mularczyk, Justin Stone and Rocky Egan. 

The training on the Friday was very well attended and the club was seeking a donation from each attendee to help raise funds for the TDN team to get across to Europe this year. If you were planning on contributing to the training, but didn’t have cash on hand you can still make your contribution here by using the reference “TDN Training GM”:

We ended up setting about 26 sections and ran out of white & green arrows (thanks to STR for coming to our rescue), and the event consisted of 3 x 15 laps each day with a couple of sections re-used day 2. Glenmaggie section setting is generally set on the easier side in recognition of the fact that it is still early in the season, and the Easter weekend is a time of fun and relaxation. On reflection, looking at most of the grades we were fairly close to meeting those objectives based on the scores

Please check out Hiroshi’s Youtube channel for video from the event:

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Working Bee and Presentations

Thanks to the 30 members who turned up today to help at the working bee. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. The club grounds are looking fantastic, and we have new LED lights installed in the verandah.

We got through most of the ‘To Do’ list however there is still some long grass in parts if anyone who missed the working bee and wants to make up for it next time.

We have ordered some backpacks for our section setting gear to help make it all a but more organised, but they didn’t arrive in time so we will do it during the week when they arrive; until then there is a pile of section setting gear in the club rooms.

Congratulations to all the award winners in the summer series. Trophies are at the club grounds for you all to collect if you weren’t there today.

March 2022 communication to members

Glenmaggie 2022 Entries now open (April 16-17)

The OMCC showpiece event of the year, the Glenmaggie Easter Trial, is happening again April 16th & 17th. 

After a couple of disrupted years, OMCC are looking forward to welcoming everyone to the Glenmaggie 2022 Easter Trial…in particular our interstate friends. We have caught wind of a QLD contingent planning to head south! 

As if two days riding and camping isn’t enough, we aim to run training on the Friday 15th prior to the event with groups for kids (up to C grade) at 1pm-3pm and the adults later in the afternoon. More details on this coming in future updates.

Please note: Early entry discounted until 31st March. Entries close 13th April 9pm.

Link to more details, and entry:–borders-are-open-edition-5981

Glenmaggie Section Setting (April 8-10)

We will need the help of as many as possible to get Glenmaggie ready. The plan is to camp and set sections on Friday April 8th – Sunday April 10th. 

Please let us know if you can help us.

Last year we had an amazing turnout and we are keen to repeat the success. 

Assume you will need gardening gloves, whipper snippers/brush cutters, gardening shears.

Working Bee (March 20)

The first working bee of 2022 is on March 20th. If you’ve not revisited the calendar since we first published please be aware of a date change. We announced in previous communications that it got moved to accommodate the VTS series. Members need only attend 2 of the 3 scheduled, so it’s OK if you can’t make this one.

Normal format is a working bee in the morning from 10am-12:30pm, a BBQ lunch, and then a ride in the afternoon.

Please Bring:

  • Whipper Snipper
  • A Wheel Barrow (if it’s not a big inconvenience…only need a few)
  • Gardening shears
  • Gardening gloves
  • Chisel/Paint scrapers
  • Staple removers

Focus of the working bee:

  • Trim the long glass
  • Spray weeds
  • Pick up glass/debris from grounds
  • Clean section setting gear (remove silicon/staples)
  • Organise the section setting gear into separate backpacks
  • Prune overhanging branches around the fence
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OMCC COVID Policy Effective 15th Feb 2022 (Subject to change)

Hello OMCC Members,

I am writing to you to provide an update on the COVID-19 Policy. In October we wrote to all members informing you that OMCC had taken a decision to open the club grounds and how we were aligning to the current government requirements at the time. This obligated the club when it re-opened on the 24th October to verify vaccine certificates prior to members attending the club grounds. 

As we committed to, the Committee’s position would  be reassessed as vaccination rates within the community increased and the various state and governing bodies positions became clearer.

As you will no doubt appreciate, the government requirements have been a moving target of what rules apply as the population has continued through the various 70%, 80% and 90% vaccination thresholds. 

As well as the Vic Government, we also run under AMA affiliation that provided guidance on this issue however this was applicable in QLD only and we’ve been waiting for Victorian guidance before moving on this.  

After communication with the AMA in the last week, I am pleased to announce the following change with immediate effect.

What IS changing:

What is NOT changing:

  • If any member has any COVID symptoms or has been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID, they must not attend the club until directed safe to do so by health authorities.
  • The club has registered with the Vic Government QR code system, and so both QR codes will need to be scanned. One for Contact Tracing purposes and one for the existing clubs link to register riders with the AMA for Indemnity & Liability while riding
  • Continue to physically distance.
  • Wear face masks when required.
  • Practice good hygiene.
  • Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces (Club rooms, Kitchen, Toilets).
  • Act quickly if participants, volunteers or organisers become unwell.

I am also aware some members would prefer unvaccinated members not attend the club however the Victorian Government vaccine mandates do not extend to community sport & recreation clubs now that the community vaccination targets have been met and this is consistent with AMA guidance. 

I’ve been given feedback that the vast majority of our members are pleased with how the club has handled this tumultuous period, and for everyone’s sake we do hope the major impacts are now behind us.  That said, we are aware there were a small number of members who were adversely impacted by these obligations over the last 3-4 months. For that the club extends its sympathy to the impacted individuals.

Regards, The OMCC Committee.

Feb 2022 communication to members

Membership renewals & welcome to new members

Targeted communication to members who have not renewed their membership will be coming out shortly. It is always normal to get some churn, and therefore we are pleased to report 7 new members have joined the club this year already. 

A big welcome to our new members. Please make sure you make yourself known down at the club and welcome to the OMCC family. 

Round 4 Summer Series – 19th Feb

The 4th & final round of the 21/22 OMCC Summer series is now open for entries. After a fantastic turn out at the 3rd round of about 50 competitors with recent ground works at the club allowing us to use some new areas. Feedback from Rd 3 suggests we got the section difficulty level right for all but (T3) B grade in the last trial so we will attempt to maintain a similar level with some refinement on B grade.

A Grade (T2) please get your entries in early otherwise we will not set sections. 

Enter Online:

Entries close Thursday midnight.

The series presentation day will be on the 20th March which is the same day of the working bee.

Ground works

We have made a start on our next wave of ground works. The pile of dirt has been used to cover the tyres (nearly done!). And we’ve moved some rocks and logs arounds mainly focused on the North East corner of the trials park. We’ve had some rain to settle things in a bit and we even used them in the last Summer Series trial. Work will continue sporadically over the next couple of months based on volunteers availability and the club is grateful to have such capable volunteers with access to the necessary equipment to make all this happen!

If you have access to any of the following: large rocks, logs, transport for rocks and logs, and CLEAN soil…please let John Wilson and Craig Genner know. 

2022 Calendar Updates (multiple)

  1. New Working bee date to avoid conflicts with VTS
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Junior & Beginner Coaching 13th Feb

As part of OMCCs commitment to our members there will be OMCC coaches on hand to help kids and beginner riders (up to C+ Grade) on Sunday 13th Feb. Training is free to OMCC Members. Day membership is available for $15 however priority is given to annual members.

There will be a group safety talk, followed by a split of the groups by ability and then sections will be set practiced.

Bring your petrol, electric of even a push trials bikes.

After lunch the kids may even have a treasure hunt! To register your interest, please contact: [email protected]

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