Summer Development Series – Round 2 Entries Open

After the success of Round 1, OMCC are back with Round 2 of development the development series aimed at getting OMCC members into more formal competition and give existing riders a chance to develop their skills further.

In a slight tweak, we are back to using Entryplace for entries:

For New riders:

There is no better place to learn trials than trying a to ride a section set by someone else. White arrows (T5) and Blue arrows (T4) are typically where most people start. It’s a great learning opportunity to know what you need to practice when you come to back to the club.

Buddies can be assigned to help with section reading, rules, and general competition orientation.

For Previously Non-Competitive Riders:

Without the formality and expense of getting a competitive license, come and try trials in a competitive format in the familiarity of the OMCC club grounds. It will be a good opportunity to see if competing is for you before having to commit to the expenses of a licence etc. Even if that doesn’t eventuate, most riders take away a lot of learnings from riding a in a section set by someone else so there often a win-win either way.

Buddies can be assigned to help with section reading, rules, and general competition orientation.

Competitive Riders:

You know already what this is about…come and ride when there are no typically scheduled trials for a bit of a laugh and fun in a very relaxed atmosphere. Feel free to push yourself and try a higher grade? Or bring out the Twinshocks for something different? Lets have some fun and keep things interesting!

Please understand however that the focus is to get new people competing so please be supportive to the newer riders.

Who is this open to:

OMCC Annual Members

OMCC Day Members ($20)


Saturday 9th December

Saturday 20th January

Saturday 10th February


Gates open: 12:00 midday

Rider Briefing: 1pm

Start: 1:15pm

BBQ: From 4-6pm

Finish: 6pm


T6No arrows; just get from start to end gates and stay between the boundary tape. This is where riders with no riding experience (e.g. juniors) typically start.
T5White Arrows; medium to tight turns, and mostly obstacle free. This is where beginner riders should start.
T4Blue Arrows; tight turns with obstacles ranging in size from axle height to wheel height
T4+Blue arrows with a + mark; very tight turns but shouldn’t need to hop and wheel height obstacles
T3Yellow Arrows; hopping required to make turns, waist height obstacles with very little run up. We will offer the occasional ‘red’ arrow for those keen to push themselves.


Individual $35

Family $50

BBQ included in entry fee (from 4pm)


Buddy system (you ride with a partner who will validate your scores)

Scores will be tallied to monitor improvement over the series.

Entry Links for Round 2:

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