What’s happening at OMCC – January 2024

Summer Development Series Round 1

Round 1 resembled winter more so than Summer. Regardless of the climactic challenges, a hardy group of 27 riders pushed themselves around the club grounds. We had 5 newbies who took the chance to ride between tapes and arrows. There were more experienced riders there who helped any inexperienced riders who needed guidance.

There were lots of smiles and positive feedback.

Results here.

Summer Development Series Round 2 & Changes for Rd 3

Remember that this Saturday afternoon is Rd 2 of the Summer Development Series. Weather is looking good.

Entries Close Friday, please get entries as soon as possible to assist with catering, BBQ provided after trial.

Entry Link: https://entryplace.com.au/2024SummerSeriesRD2

Full Details: https://www.oakleighmcc.com/…/summer-development…/

Round 3 is changing in a couple of ways:

Firstly, the date is now: SUNDAY 18th February

Secondly, we are moving the location: It will now be held at Winchelsea

Finally, it will be held under a MA permit and so an MA license is a requirement of entry and being an OMCC member is not a requirement so will be open to all riders who hold a MA license.  

The OMCC committee have decided to make this round a charity trial and donate the profits. OMCC are seeking suggestions from members of the club on potential charities that we can support. Please nominate suggestions of charities to Peter Spencer.

Billy Green Training Wrap Up

How exciting was it to have a Trial 2 world champ making the biggest obstacles we have in our club grounds look trivial?

There were lots of positive feedback, and it would appear everyone enjoyed themselves.

Full wrap up here.

Glenmaggie is go; new club joint venture & call for help

We can now confirm that Glenmaggie is a go. There will be a new cub forming in the South East of Victoria to support trials and enduro in the area.

To help them get established OMCC are coordinating with the new club officials to aid them in getting established and with their help Glenmaggie will be a joint club arrangement. More details to follow once they are known.

Dates: Sat 30th – Sun 31st March with campaign available Easter Fri & Mon.

In the meantime, if you are able to help please liaise with Justin Stone.

We will need: Event officials, Section Setters & Observers.

2024 Vic Trials Calendar & VTS dates

The Victorian trials calendar will be out very soon with the dates of the VTS series keep an eye on Trials Australia, and the ‘trials week’ that Victoria are hosting for the Australian Titles.

The First round of the VTS Series will be hosted by OMCC on 21st April and will be held at Peters Lane, Mardan; more details to follow soon.

Call for volunteers: We will be needing Section setters, event officials and Observers.  


This is notice that OMCC will be holding it’s AGM on February 25th 2024 at 2pm at the OMCC club grounds.

The AGM is an important event for OMCC. It gives its members a broad overview of the club’s current directions, financial health and confirms its purpose. It is also the time to revitalise the organisation through the official engagement of members into key elected positions.

We encourage as many members as possible to get down, and if you are able, get involved in the running of the club.

Upcoming Events

Summer Series Rd 2Saturday 20th January
OMCC Charity  TrialSunday 18th February
AGMSunday 25th February
Glenmaggie Easter TrialSaturday 30th March Sunday 31st March
VTS Round 1April 21st April

For the full calendar visit:


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