OMCC Re-opening Sunday 24th Oct & Vaccination confirmation process

Hello Members,

Great news! We will be back open Sunday 24th.

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As per previous communication, the process to register your vaccination status with the club is discussed below. Please ensure you submit your evidence ASAP so you can ride as soon as we re-open. 

The first Thursday twilight back will be: Thu 28th Oct

There will also likely be an extended opening around Melbourne Cup Weekend however we will communicate more once we get closer.

Process to register your vaccine confirmation is as follows:

1.       Send us a evidence of your vaccination confirmation to: [email protected]

a.       Acceptable versions include screenshots from MyGov/Service Victoria Apps, PDFs

2.       We will track each members status on our membership database, and make available for internal use amongst committee and grounds supervisors

3.       The club will delete this information once it has been sighted and  simply record a status flag in our database.

There will be no ‘booking’ process to ride due to our ratio of riders to open space, however do not attempt to ride at the club grounds without first submitting your vaccination certificate evidence. 

Thank you to those who have already sent your evidence before being asked!

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Oakleigh MCC’s response to COVID-19 and a plan to re-open

Hello Members,

We know all has been quiet on the trials front and we would all love to be back on our bikes ASAP. The future does look promising now for a sustained opening and ability to plan for the future. That path, laid out by the Victorian Government, is highly dependent on vaccination rates but assuming all things go well we can expect significant freedom (relatively speaking) when 80% of Victorian’s aged 12+ are fully vaccinated – which is anticipated to occur in mid to late November. There are milestones in between which are accompanied by further easing of restrictions giving us much-needed light at the end of a long tunnel.

The Victorian Government position on competitions being conducted across any sport is a blanket rule, so while the remainder of the 2021 calendar remains in doubt, we are aiming our effort towards another summer twilight series (based at the club grounds) however if the opportunity presents itself to run non-club ground events we will look into it.

An earlier date for re-opening of the club grounds for practice is discussed below.

A COVID Safe Club Grounds Reopening

Consistent with the directions of the Chief Health Officer of Victoria for the conduct of Covid-safe outdoor sport, when we re-open, OMCC are obliged to adhere to a “No Jab, No Play” policy at the club as has been done at other similar sporting bodies (Link1 Link2 Link3).

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Scarsdale postponed; remaining 2021 OMCC calendar tentative

OMCC committee have met and agreed to postpone the Scarsdale trial schedule for Sunday 5th September. 

A new date will be confirmed when we get some certainty about the lockdown situation. We are committed to trying to run this event if we can.

However, it’s predicted that we will not have enough time left to run all the events we have intended, so in short: 

  • you should treat the remaining 2021 calendar as tentative until further notice
  • it’s likely some events may not run

Stay safe everyone.

Regards, David Grice obo OMCC Committee.

Entries Open: 2021 VIC AMA Winter Series Round 4 – Scarsdale

Ready to ride a new property?

OMCC will be hosting Round 4 of the joint STR & OMCC Vic AMA winter series at a new property in Scardsale near Ballarat on Sunday 18th July.

Camping will be available Saturday night.

We hope to see all you wonderful trialista’s there!

The series dates are:

Round 1: Sunday 18th April 2021, Mardan [STR]
Round 2: Sunday 16th May 2021, Winchelsea [OMCC]
Round 3: Sunday 4th July 2021, OMCC Club Grounds [OMCC]

Round 4: Sunday 18th July 2021, Scarsdale [OMCC] *** Entries Open Now

Round 5: Saturday 26th September 2021, Wildwood [OMCC]

Awards & Presentation: Sunday 12th December, OMCC Club Grounds [OMCC]

Lockdown has compressed the season quite a bit of late so apologies these events are all so close together.

Entries close Friday prior to the day of the event @ 11:55pm.

All entries are via:

VIC AMA Winter Series Results: Round 3

Thanks to everybody who helped out to make this event a great success.  Although it was cold and windy, the weather held out to make for a mostly dry afternoon.  We had a great turn out, and i would like to extend a special thanks to our observers. 

Results can be found here:

Series totals will be available soon.

OMCC MV Affiliation to cease July 1st; MV No longer offering dual affiliation

Hello OMCC members,

This is an open letter to all OMCC members regarding the status of affiliation with Motorcycling Victoria (MV).

MV has advised all dual affiliated clubs, which includes OMCC, that they are no longer offering dual affiliation options going forward. This advice was provided on the 3rd June and effective 1st July. The decision was made by the MV board however the drivers behind the decision were not disclosed.

This has left OMCC with a decision of either affiliating with MV or AMA, but not both. If given the choice, we would have continued to remain dual affiliated. For 2/3rd of our members this will present no impact as you do not hold MV licenses however in the interests of transparency, we felt it important to convey the committee’s decision in an open manner to all members whether you are impacted or not.

The OMCC committee has decided to retain its AMA affiliation for the following reasons:

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OMCC training day Sunday (27th June)

OMCC is running a training day this coming Sunday (27th June) for any club member that wishes to update their skills and knowledge of trials.

It is mainly directed towards the novice and Junior riders.

10:30 start, BBQ lunch and completion about 2:30.

Email David Grice on [email protected] to book your spot on for the day which also lets us know how many to cater for.

At this stage, the trainers will be Stan Mularczyk, Geoff & Tim Lewis, Les Pattinson, John Wilson, and Craig Genner.

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