AGM outcome

Yesterday OMCC held their AGM. Thank you to all who attended.

We are pleased to announce our new committee which is as follows:

  • President: Peter Wines
  • Vice President: Peter Spencer
  • Secretary: David Grice
  • Assistant Secretary: Simon Watts
  • Treasurer: Greg Chalmers
  • Assistant Treasurer: Reece Chalmers
  • Ground Supervisor: John Wilson
  • Assistant Ground Supervisor: Craig Genner
  • Communications officer and Social Secretary: Justin Stone
  • General committee: Les Pattinson, Zac Mularczyk, Grant Phillips and Steven Carter
  • Motorcycling Victoria Delegates: Peter Wines, David Grice

There are some departures as a result of the new changes and we would like to extend a big thank you to Stan Mularczyk, Chris Grubb, Jason Shilton, Mike Brady & Reece Chalmers for their efforts over the last year.

The club are very lucky to have such a supportive group of volunteers who are working to make the club a better place.

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