OMCC Summer Series Round 4 & Series Results

Well, that’s a wrap for the OMCC 2020/21 summer series. Round 4 was completed yesterday after a bit of a lockdown scare but we made it! Thank you to the riders who came from far and wide to participate. We are glad you came, and from the feedback most of you enjoyed yourselves.

These things can’t happen with an army of volunteers and so I would like to thank all the section setters, observers, Janina Gorski for the excellent work on the BBQ and the entire OMCC committee for their support.

Don’t forget about the trophy presentation on the 14th March. All entrants, and volunteers are welcome to visit OMCC club ground for a day of social riding, BBQ Lunch & a trophy presentation.

Some stats for the series:

  • 85 unique riders across all 4 rounds
  • 25 riders competing in their very first trial
  • 480 sausages consumed
  • 0 piece of paper required (all digital sign up & sign on)
  • Most popular class: T5/Clubman with 28 riders
  • 11 First time observers

We hope to see you all at Glenmaggie at Easter.

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