Session times for Sunday 31st May

As per the notification on the 15th about splitting riding into session times, we have had to restrict entrance to the club grounds due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The following riders have been allocated place for Sunday 31st May:

Morning: 09:00-12:30Afternoon: 12:30-3:30
SupervisorsGreg Chalmers
Reece Chalmers
Peter Wines
Grant Phillips
RidersChris Grubb
Janina Gorski
Daniel Burmas
Jaiden Burmas
Ian Harper
Josh Coleman
John Kontsellis
Stan Mularczyk
Hugh Harvie

Spots remaining: 1
Marty Lewis
Laurence Gude
Peter Spencer
Chris Ellett
Timothy Lewis
Geoff Lewis
Con Thermos

Spots remaining: 3

It looks like not all spaces were filled. If you would like to ride, please contact David Grice to be allocated a spot: [email protected].

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