The OMCC Junior Enthusiasts Trials Squad met on Saturday for some more training and Fun activities. Weather the previous day flooded one of the sections so Rocky kindly set another on higher ground. We still had some nice water practice in the sections

Practice included tight turns for the sub juniors and some more serious stuff for the juniors who even got an intro to hopping techniques. Time was spent on how to ride the best line through the section with plenty of practice runs, then in reverse. The format this time was a 4 round mini trials where the parents took on the scoring. Improvements were very noticeable from the beginning of the year

Junior Winners 8-10-22 Harry Moore, Second Mason Brady, Third Kato Di Natale

Sub Junior Winners 8-10-22 First Darcy Mitchener , Mimi Brady, Third Janet Harris

Thanks to the helpers Janina for lunch, Rocky the Cook, Les Patterson, Justin Stone , Mike Brady the trainers

Kids and parents had a great time as shown by the appreciation given to the trainer. Well done kids and parents for contributing to a great day!

Darcy Mitchiner showing his skills through the water

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