Important update about OMCC temporary closure

Hello Members,

I am sorry to inform you that the club will be shutting due to the AMA insurance renewal issues effective immediately.

If you are not familiar, please see the email you would have received titled: “URGENT NOTICE FOR ALL AMA CLUB SPORT MEMBERS AND AMA SPORT AFFILIATES” from the AMA or click on this link.

You may have noticed, this has impacted a lot of motorcycle clubs of varying disciplines and it is not just an OMCC and trials specific issue. 

The committee has been working hard to provide some alternatives for liability insurance during  the AMA 6-8 week absence however there was nothing ‘off-the-shelf’ available to us. 

We are committed to exploring all options and hope to report back shortly with progress. 

Our sincerest apologies goes out to members and for now please treat the club calendar as tentative until our liability insurance issues are resolved.


David Grice & the OMCC Committee

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