Oakleigh MCC’s response to COVID-19 and a plan to re-open

Hello Members,

We know all has been quiet on the trials front and we would all love to be back on our bikes ASAP. The future does look promising now for a sustained opening and ability to plan for the future. That path, laid out by the Victorian Government, is highly dependent on vaccination rates but assuming all things go well we can expect significant freedom (relatively speaking) when 80% of Victorian’s aged 12+ are fully vaccinated – which is anticipated to occur in mid to late November. There are milestones in between which are accompanied by further easing of restrictions giving us much-needed light at the end of a long tunnel.

The Victorian Government position on competitions being conducted across any sport is a blanket rule, so while the remainder of the 2021 calendar remains in doubt, we are aiming our effort towards another summer twilight series (based at the club grounds) however if the opportunity presents itself to run non-club ground events we will look into it.

An earlier date for re-opening of the club grounds for practice is discussed below.

A COVID Safe Club Grounds Reopening

Consistent with the directions of the Chief Health Officer of Victoria for the conduct of Covid-safe outdoor sport, when we re-open, OMCC are obliged to adhere to a “No Jab, No Play” policy at the club as has been done at other similar sporting bodies (Link1 Link2 Link3).

The OMCC Committee supports the government’s vaccination program, especially given the fact the full resumption of the activities of our Club and the broader community, are almost entirely dependent on vaccination rates. As a result, when we reopen it will be a condition of entry for anyone 12+ years of age attending the Club to be vaccinated (subject to medical exemption).

Clubs who have introduced “No Jab, No Play” policies are reporting strong support amongst members (Link).

We encourage members who are intending to be vaccinated to do so without delay, but we do respect this is a personal and voluntary decision for each member.

This has not been an easy decision for the Club and I extend sympathy for those impacted by this decision. Please also note, the Committee’s position will be reassessed as vaccination rates within the community increase and we move to transition back to a setting that allows all members to attend the Club.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Policy is just one of the measures the Club considers is necessary in order to uphold its duty of care to members, staff and other attendees on the Club premises. Members are requested to adhere to the reasonable direction and comply with all initiatives designed to mitigate the risk of the transmission of COVID-19.

The Oakleigh Pistol Club was recently announced as a Tier 1 exposure site (27/9/21). We are taking steps to significantly reduce the risk of the same thing happening to OMCC, and protect our members.

Condition of entry requirements to OMCC Club Grounds

  • From the reopening date (on or around 26th October 2021 and subject to government confirmation) is when Victoria will remove its travel radius restrictions upon reaching the 70% double dose vaccine target.
  • From 26 October (or as determined by the Committee) anyone attending the Club will need to provide evidence of being fully vaccinated (two doses).
  • Proof of vaccination should be registered with the Club prior to accessing the Club facilities. A separate communication on how & where to submit vaccination status will follow shortly.
  • We will only need to record each member’s vaccination status once.
  • Our Grounds Supervisors will be instructed to turn away anyone who has not pre-registered. The club will not tolerate any abuse directed at or towards grounds supervisors who are enforcing this; any member who does so should consider their membership forfeited.
  • The club has registered with the Vic Government QR code system, and so both QR codes will need to be scanned. One for Contact Tracing purposes and one for the existing clubs link to register riders with the AMA for Indemnity & Liability while riding. Sadly the technology cannot be linked.
  • Most importantly, if any member has any COVID symptoms or has been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID, they must not attend the Club.

Further specifics around this will follow shortly.

Competition Calendar Announcements

Once the various state government targets are closer to be met, we expect to provide an update. Current dates the club are keen to hold onto are but by no means are locked in are:

Round 1 of the Summer Series (November 14th)
Presentation Day & BBQ Lunch (December 12th)

Again, more details to follow once we have more certainty around the resumption of competition.

Any feedback from our members is welcome.

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