Bookings for 28th June

We are continuing the booking system and due to recent restrictions, are now back to split morning amd afternoon sessions to accommodate all members.

Morning: 09:30-12:30Afternoon: 12:30-3:30
SupervisorsChris Grubb
Janina Gorski
David Grice
Peter Spencer
Stan Mularczyk
Michael Brady
Mason Brady
Gerry Brady
Josh Coleman
Joe Sciberras (+11)
Louis Rehrl (+3)
Jonathan Bottomley

Spots remaining: 0
Reece Chalmers
John Moore
Harry Moore
Grant Phillips
Paul Di Natale
John Kontsellis
Martyn Lewis
Chris Ellett
Timothy Lewis
Geoff Lewis
Justin Stone
Jimmy Dunger
Daniel Burmas
Jaiden Burmas
John Wilson
Craig Genner
Noah Grice
Alina Grice
Santo Mufale

Spots remaining: 1

It looks like not all spaces were filled. If you would like to ride, please contact David Grice to be allocated a spot: [email protected].

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