Argyle is good to go!

Our OMCC section setting fairies have been very busy getting the Argyle property ready for our Victorian Championships. A massive thank you goes out to the team who have got 15 sections ready for you over the weekend: Reece, Greg, Matt, Geoff, Noah, David, Les & John.

A few event updates for you:

  1. Entries close Thursday 15th @ 9pm. Late entries will not be accepted. Entry Link:
  2. Reminder for entrants to bring an observer. We still need more observers to make this event fully observed.
  3. Day memberships are available if you don’t have an AMA membership. They are $15. Matt is making changes to the website to accommodate this today or tomorrow.
  4. Caravan parking on the high side. The property has had a bit of water and the land owner had requested this.
  5. The online self scrutineering forms will start going out shortly – keep an eye on your emails.

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