We had 14 kids for the OMCC Junior Enthusiasts Trials Squad training on Saturday. Weather looked pretty bad first thing but the weather gods smiled and not a drop for the training session. There was lots of mud and wheel spinning in the tricky conditions!

Practice included tight turns, balance on planks and wheelie practice. Dan Stanthorpe won the longest Static balance. His tyres appeared to be glued in the mud. Mason Brady was a clear winner in the slow race and Fletcher Theile did a massive skid to take out the longest skid competition

 Zachary did a demo to show the kids his awesome skills and what they can aspire to.

MINI TRAIL  Junior Winners:  First Indi Di Natale, Second Toby Harris, Third Mason Brady

Sub Junior Winners:  First Dan Stanthorpe, Second Darcy Mitchener, Third Mimi Brady

It was great to see most of the parents joining in and helping where they could and also cleaning up the sections. This was a great help. Also, thanks to Mark Brincat for the offer of the Come and Try ride on his kids bikes.

Thanks to the helpers. Janina for lunch, Trainers Geoff Lewis,  Justin Stone , Mike Brady and Zachary Mularczyk

To end the session there was a Treasure Hunt where the Kids had to follow the clues and locate the hidden lollie loot.

We noticed a heaps of progress from the  JETS and  lots of big smiles as they  achieved new skills. Well done kids for getting out and playing in the mud!!

Next  JETS  training is Tentatively   planned for 8 or 9 of October

Hope to see you there.

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