OMCC MV Affiliation to cease July 1st; MV No longer offering dual affiliation

Hello OMCC members,

This is an open letter to all OMCC members regarding the status of affiliation with Motorcycling Victoria (MV).

MV has advised all dual affiliated clubs, which includes OMCC, that they are no longer offering dual affiliation options going forward. This advice was provided on the 3rd June and effective 1st July. The decision was made by the MV board however the drivers behind the decision were not disclosed.

This has left OMCC with a decision of either affiliating with MV or AMA, but not both. If given the choice, we would have continued to remain dual affiliated. For 2/3rd of our members this will present no impact as you do not hold MV licenses however in the interests of transparency, we felt it important to convey the committee’s decision in an open manner to all members whether you are impacted or not.

The OMCC committee has decided to retain its AMA affiliation for the following reasons:

  1. OMCC are a successful and growing club. Since Jan 1st 2021 we have had riders at our ground on 106 occasions and have had 1250+ check-ins via our QR codes and competition entries (without lockdowns, this would have been higher still). It is in large part because of this success that we cannot support a ‘per head’ fee structure and cumbersome permit system overheads. The AMA allow us the ability to insure the club & riders at the club 365 days a year on a flat fee structure, rather than a permit system that charges per head.
  2. Although there have been developments in MA/MV with new offerings like ‘Ride Parks Australia’, it remains anchored around a ‘per head’ fee structure.
  3. Cheaper membership to AMA vs Motorcycling Australia (MA) License fees for our members
  4. 2/3rd of our members are AMA members only and do not hold a MA license
  5. OMCC club grounds offer a unique proposition that we believe will continue to attract and retain members despite single affiliation.
  6. Simpler overheads in terms of creating permits.
  7. Simpler overheads in terms of officials needed at events.
  8. Simpler process to obtain qualifications for officials.
  9. By having simpler processes and flat rate insurance, it creates an incentive for our volunteer club officials to open our club grounds more frequently which provide greater flexibility and benefits to our club members.
  10. Lower financial overheads creating profit to put back into our club (ground works, training days, kitchen refurb, club rooms uplift, etc etc).
  11. There is now a reasonable calendar of events established between OMCC & STR to meet the needs of riders who opt to affiliate with only AMA.
  12. The levels of insurance coverage for riders are like-for-like between MV/MA & AMA for most scenarios.
  13. Interstate trials clubs that have chosen to affiliate with AMA have provided similar feedback.
  14. The AMA continues to grow and has had a few years demonstrating their ability to deal with a range of scenarios; we feel confident in the AMAs medium term financial viability as an affiliating body.

It is worth noting that the AMA is not perfect either, and we continue to provide feedback to them for improvements with their website and accessibility to AMA officials. However, on balance we feel this is the right decision for the sustainability of our club.

Who does this effect?

  • OMCC Members who intend to renew their MA license

Who does this not effect?

  • OMCC members who ride socially and do not compete
  • OMCC members who only have an AMA membership
  • OMCC members who do not intend to renew their MA license
  • OMCC members who hold VicRoads Club Permits (red plates)

How does this affect MA license holders who are OMCC Members?

Should you wish to renew you MA license when it expires, you will no longer be able to select OMCC as your club of choice. You remain free to renew your license, however you will be required to become a member an additional club that is MV affiliated. There is no practical restriction on how many clubs you join, and you will be able to retain your OMCC membership to ride at our club grounds, but it alone will not be sufficient to renew your MA license.

OMCC are committed to the sport of trials and believe that strong grass root participation and club financial sustainability are key tenets of this mission.

We hope you support the committee’s decision, and we remain open to discuss it further for anyone seeking further clarification or anyone wanting to provide feedback. The CEO of MV has also offered his time discuss this at a club meeting should members feel the need, if so please reach out and we can arrange him to visit.

Big things are happening at OMCC, and we thank our members for your support.


OMCC Committee

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