Working Bee Outcome

Thank you to all our very committed members who made it today in some particularly terrible weather. Despite the conditions we had 48 members come along to help (some of these are family memberships, so there were more than 48 bodies) and you could tell as the car park was full of cars.

The weather limited what we could do however we still managed:

  • Cleaned the container out
  • Cleaned up the section setting gear
  • Trimmed long grass
  • Cut the growth over the fence along northern and western fence lines
  • Move clubroom furniture
  • Cleaned the walls
  • Patched & poly-filled the holes
  • Made a great start on the painting with the skirting boards
  • Patched holes in the roof
  • Mulched a stack of cuttings
  • And much more!

From all accounts, this was one of the best turnouts in our recent history.

It’s understandable that not everyone can make it, and I appreciate those who have reached out and let me know and offered an alternative. We will be having a ‘make-up’ day on Saturday 24th April to finish the club room painting and non-attendants will get a follow up email.

Thank you again…big things are happening at OMCC and this club spirit is a big part of it.

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