OAKLEIGH MCC NEWS – Reopening the club grounds

It’s been a while since the club has contacted its members and what’s been happening while the Covid lockdowns are happening.

The committee have been spending lots of time in constant talks on when we can open up the club again and the changes that need to be put in place.

Since last Sunday’s news from the state government, we are able to open up the club again but only on a limited numbers.

From this Sunday, only 10 riders and 2 or 3 supervisors can be at the club at any one time.

If we get quite a few riders registering, it may be broken into 2 groups during the day but not stating this Sunday 25 Oct.

There will once again be an online register which will appear on the Oakleigh MCC website late in the week.


It is also a requirement that face masks MUST be worn at all times whilst not riding.

No gatherings at the verandah area and only 1 person at a time in the canteen.

NO use of the club rooms are permitted.

You must live within 25km of the club.

You must have a valid and current AMA Membership

Details of how you can get an AMA Membership can be found HERE

There will be areas taped off which must not be ridden on as it’s the new grass and requires a few week of growth before any bikes can be ridden on.

As we approach the 1st year using AMA insurance, ensure your AMA membership hasn’t expired.

Committee meeting meetings news.

It has been agreed that OMCC will once again run 1 round of the VTS series next year (2021).

Unfortunately most of this year’s competitions were wiped out due to the Covid Virus and lockdown rules so hopefully things will get back to normal next year.

Have you got an MA licence?

As you know, to have a valid MA licence means you need to be in an Affiliated SCB club (MV).

Unfortunately Motorcycling Victoria have taken the initiative of creating 2 types of affiliations (Exclusive and Dual).

They are the ONLY state within Australia under Motorcycling Australia to go down this path.

As you are aware, OMCC uses both AMA and MV insurance to run their events.

The problem is that the MV affiliated paperwork is in DRAFT format (not final) and an area indicating “Some products and benefits may not be available to this affiliate”.

In other words, they are not sure what products they can and can’t offer so how can we sign up to something that’s they are not even sure about.

We have written to MV asking this to be finalised but haven’t had any reply yet.

In a final note, keep safe and well and hopefully see you at the club soon.

OMCC President

Peter Wines

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