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Its been a while since we provided an update. We can imagine that most people are really missing riding right now, its been a tough time for everyone, particularly for us trials riders who look forward to each week, getting on the bike, making sections, testing our abilities and most importantly talking whole bunch of nonsense that tend to drive our families and friends mad with boredom.

Memes thanks to trials content creator – David Grice

Prior to the Stage 4 Restrictions, works around the club grounds have been taking place. A somewhat convenient time to get some work done around the place:

We hope that the rejuvenated sections will provide something to look forward to at the end of lock down. Thanks to John Wilson and Craig Genner for completing the works so far, more to come so keep an eye out for updates.

More memes from David Grice

As mentioned in our last post, Shamrock Civil have delivered crushed rock to form the new car park base, hopefully stopping the horrible muddy conditions we have been enduring for some time. We plan to add some asphalt profiling on top of this at a later stage. Cheers to Stan Mularczyk for communicating with Shamrock!

We hope, sooner rather than later, we can get back to what we love to do most. We will keep you all updated where we can, with more updates on renewed riding areas, reopening plans and any requirements that may be mandatory for us to open.

Times are tough out there and we hope you are all managing these challenging circumstances.

Take care and be safe,


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