Bookings this Sunday 21/06/2020

Dear OMCC Member,
Hopefully this will be the last ‘booking email’.

Further relaxation of the COVID-19 restrictions announced by the Victorian Government from the 22nd of June will allow our club to re-open without booking constraints. However, this Sunday the 21st will still require a booking as it’s the last day of the current restrictions which limit us. 

Also, the return to trials competition is imminent. Further details relating to the revised competition calendar will also be released shortly.

1st June Restriction Updates:

Members still need to nominate their interest in riding before they can come to the club grounds. If we are over subscribed, there will be a random ballot.

Members who are successful will have their name on the OMCC website Saturday PM.

Here is the quick outline of the clubs re-opening procedures:

  1. We are limited to a maximum of 20 members at the club grounds at any one time.
  2. We will return to our usual opening times: 9:30am – 3:30pm
  3. We need to avoid congregating in the veranda and around the table.
  4. 1 person in the kitchen at a time.
  5. No use of club rooms other than accessing the kitchen.
  6. Members need to be vigilant and maintain a 1.5 metre distance.
  7. Wash your hands.
  8. Avoid physical contact.

Please note: members who simply turn up to the club grounds without booking in, put our future opening at risk and the supervisors on the day have been instructed by the committee to close the gates once sessions start and turn any non-listed members away. We will also turn away general public and non-OMCC members.

How to nominate to ride on the 21st June:

Enter your details here:

Please submit your details by 11:59pm Friday 19th June.

If you are successful, your name will be published on the OMCC website Saturday afternoon 20th June.

Please be patient with us as we iron out any kinks. We will be in touch before the next weekend to either repeat the same process or announce any changes.

Kind regards,

OMCC Committee

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