OMCC Club Grounds Trial Round 2 – Results

We had a good turn out at Sundays Club Grounds Trial, a total of 34 riders in attendance, with healthy mix of grades and a good amount of junior and sub junior riders in attendance.

Riders were greeted with 10 sections across OMCC’s Club Grounds in Clayton South, with a diverse mix of obstacles and terrain. Sections were set with a higher degree of difficulty than our first round, however the riders rose to the challenge with a consistent improvement with each lap.

Results can be found below, along with photos from the event.

A big thank you to our sections setters, John Wilson, Craig Genner, Grant Phillips, Peter Spencer, Chris Ellet, Rocky, Stan and Zac Mularcyzk and Justin Stone.

A special mention to Emma who gave up her day to score the event, Emma did an excellent job and her efforts are greatly appreciated. Another special mention to Greg and Jacqui Chalmers, who provided and prepared lunch on the day.

We have out Glenmaggie Two Day Easter Trial coming up very soon, Supp Regs and more info about the event will be released shortly.

Click Here for Results

Click here for photos from the event

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