2020 Annual General Meeting and AMA Insurance

2020 Annual General Meeting 13.02.2020

Everyone is invited to come down to the Annual General Meeting on the 13.02.2020. Our normal monthly meeting will take place straight after.
The AGM is where members can who have been nominated for the committee positions are announced for 2020.

The main committee positions are for club President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, however there are other positions available too. There will be a change in the existing structure, with Ryan Nothard stepping down as club president and Chris Grubb stepping down from the secretary position.
The AGM is a good opportunity for all members to get involved in the running and the direction of the club, never a better time with big changes coming for 2020.
As with most clubs, OMCC only exists based on the hard work from a small group of volunteers, we need your help and contributions to ensure that the club and its club grounds are able to be enjoyed for years to come. There are many different ways you can contribute; we ask that you attend the meeting and find out how you can help maintain and build the club and the sport.
Food will be provided for members who attend.
Nominations can be sent via email to:
                          Email  Address: [email protected]                           
All nominations need to be returned by 06.02.2020.
Australian Motorcyclist Association (AMA) **VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ**
For the start of 2020, OMCC will be joining the AMA insurance scheme.
AMA is focussed on grassroots motorcycling, aiming to build multiples of motorcycle disciplines by offering affordable membership and insurance for individuals and families.
You can find out more about AMA by following the link here – https://motorcyclist.asn.au/
The biggest benefit of joining AMA, is allowing our members to have personal insurance cover at an affordable rate – for trials events a yearly membership is a grand total of $16.50 for solo members and $33.00 for families.
As a result, OMCC can run more events, more often for less.
It also allows OMCC to build the club, allowing for greater public exposure of our club grounds.
From now onwards, all club members who ride at our club grounds will be required to have a current membership with AMA!
Members without the appropriate membership will not be allowed to ride at the club grounds.
There are day memberships available, however cost two thirds the annual membership. To avoid the headache and allow more time for riding we strongly encourage all members to join AMA.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to join AMA.

Go to the following link – https://secure.motorcyclist.asn.au/join-motorcyclist/ama-motorcyclist-class-d-membership

AMA has a number of different class’ for different types of motorbike riding. The class D membership allows you compete and ride in all trial’s events. If you wish to ride other events, please have a look at their other options which may be better suited.

From there, you need to register and pay for your membership.
Then, you’re done!!

Once registered, its simply matter of double checking your membership is valid before riding at the club grounds and, that’s it! Back to what we all enjoy most, riding our motorbikes.

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