Glenmaggie Rider and Observer training

There is an opportunity for the following Training on Good Friday 19/04/2019 at Glenmaggie.

Juniors Riding Training Opportunity
This training will be carried out by an approved Motorcycling Australia (MA) Coach with the help of other experienced riders.
This training is for Juniors who currently hold an MA Licence.
The training will be logged into your Junior Log book and go towards the 5 hrs required per year to uphold an MA Licence.

It will cover basics and intermediate skills depending on the level of participants.
For this, training juniors will need to be riding an appropriate bike for their level. No greater than a 125cc. Bikes shall be fitted with Lanyard Kill switch. You must be entered in Juniors in the Glenmaggie Trial to be eligible for this training.
Junior parents will need to assist in looking after those juniors that are very new to motorcycles and they will need to sign and indemnity form.
This training is free. Details as follows
Group 1 –Sub Juniors to Junior White – Start 1.00pm – finish (Approx.) 2-00pm
Group 2 – Junior advanced (> C grade) – Start 2.00pm – finish (Approx.) 3.30pm

New Observer Introduction
The observer is the official (or Judge) on a on a Trials section. This is a great way to get involved.
This training is aimed at people new to trials observing who are considering getting involved.
This will give you the basics and the opportunity to ask questions. If you do go ahead and do a day’s observing, you will be provided with lunch and a lot of great entertainment.
Start 2.00pm – finish (Approx.) 4-00pm

New rider Introduction
This training is aimed at people new to trials competition. Currently hold an MA licence. Who want to know more about how the Trial Competition works and the rules. This will give you the basics and the opportunity to ask questions
Start 2.00pm – finish (Approx.) 4-00pm

Spaces are strictly limited for the Junior training. Please let us know if you are interested in any of this training by email to [email protected] before 15/04/2019 stating your interest. If you have any other questions relating to the training, please do not hesitate to ask.

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