Oakleigh MCC Non-stop Trials Series 2016

Non-stop trials were revived in Europe in an attempt to regulate modern riding techniques and to promote dwindling grass roots trials. Numbers attending local club trials in the UK have generally increased since its introduction.

Whilst hopping and other advanced techniques are great to watch and are achievable by the upper level riders, it is generally beyond the capabilities of most club and youth riders. In addition to providing an opportunity for club riders of differing skill levels and ages to compete, the non-stop rule keeps sections flowing, provides an interesting spectacle for spectators, and above all – IS FUN!

Australia hasn’t adopted non-stop rules but after the success of the series last year, Oakleigh MCC is once again running a club mini-series for our members and is also open to riders from other clubs. Day Licences will be available. Here are some key points on the series:

• This series is about having fun and getting people out on their bikes. That includes families and those of you with cobwebs on your bike.
• There will be three rounds with points allocated for each round.
• Three classes will be set out – CLUBMEN (blue), INTERMEDIATE (yellow) and EXPERT (red).
• Non-stop trials are technically challenging but are much less severe in terms of obstacles and run-ups to the obstacles.
• The Clubmen line will be suitable for all junior and youth riders as well as general clubmen.
• The Intermediate line is aimed between C and B riders.
• It is expected that expert riders will hop but stopping when doing so = 5! Typically, a 1 second stop is permitted for all grades.
• Twin-shock riders are welcome and twin-shock bikes should be more competitive than in normal trials.
• The trials will be self-observed. New to the concept? Club riders will be there to help all riders.

Round Dates: R1 – 9.30am 16th October / R2 -TBC / R3 -TBC

Venue: Oakleigh Motorcycle Club, Simpsons Road, Clayton.

Entry Fees: $30 per round or $80 for full series entries.

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