Australian Trials champion weekend coaching at Melbourne Moto-Trials Centre

The Melbourne Moto-trials Centre based just 25 minutes from the CBD played host to multi-Australian Outdoor Champion and 2016 Australian X-Trial champion Kyle Middleton for a weekend of coaching and a fund raiser of the Australian Trial des Nations team going to France later this year.

Saturday’s session had Zac Mularczyk (Ex), Tim Lewis (A), Matt Hannaford & Peter Wines (B) with Michael Brady & Rob Austin in C+.
Initial talks revolved around bike, suspension and general setup before heading out to the practice area where many pointers and guidance were given over wet off camber rocks & logs, slat wall variation techniques and finally a couple of large square concrete blocks where a stationary start with the front wheel on the face.

Sunday’s session had Sam Jobson (C+), Steve Brown, Greg Chalmers & Jaco Coetsee (C), Anthony Day, Cristian Ambrozie, Daryl Glen, Hein Daniels & Matthew Nally in the novice grade.

Again bike setup, tyre pressures and riding position was explained before heading out to zig zag log area where constant full lock right to left hand turns on wet slippery off camber grass before it turned into a mud & slush mess.
Next was the various ways of getting over rocks with final obstacle being the use of the slat wall. This had a number of novices rattled but Kyle’s guidance had most riders having multiple attempts and many laughs along the way.

At the end of the day, Kyle gave all riders a demo using his enormous talent and skills riding over many wet, slippery rocks that most of us can’t even walk over.
As like most of Australia, constant rainfall over both days put a different perspective on most of the ways we ride in the dry conditions.

On a personal note, I’ve found Kyle to be a very down to earth guy with great coaching skills and technical ability to help any rider irrespective of what level they ride.

Not only did the OMCC riders get great tutoring over 2 days, we were able to raise $1700 for the TDN fund and hopefully other clubs will take up this same opportunity.
Don’t forget, other riders you may choose from is Chris Bayles of Tasmania and Conner Hogan of South Australia.
There is still some way to go in reaching their fund goal so read more about their progress on their campaign page (

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