Trials Coaching Day with Alexz Wigg

The coaching day started nice and early 8.30am at the damp & cool Sedgwick site. Thankfully, after lunch, the sun was out and it was a perfect days riding finishing well after 4.30pm (That is a big day of riding!)

It started with some motorcycle set up advice with Alexz talking about different terrain’s, different styles, etc.

First there was a light warm up round, then into some good solid training sections. We had C+, B & A. experts’ sections. As each rider improved Alexz would then introduce another obstacle, like tightening the turns, to make the riders work just that little harder.

There was a great selection of sections from: tight and fiddly and then progressing onto bigger rocks including big undercut rocks. Some of the exercises were old fashion hill climbs & descents. The day included many different challenges and a great Variety of riding exercises. Challenging and very enjoyable.

Alexz has a great riding style and has developed many ways of coaching showing the riders how to build confidence in each’s own ability and to try and improve one’s self.

Riding with Alexz was a great day out with heaps of fun, informative chats and a wealth of knowledge about our great sport of motorcycle trials.
If you are serious about improving your trials riding and you have a chance to ride with a real world class champion (“and a really good bloke”) then an Alexz Wigg coaching day … is a definite must do!

Matthew Hannaford – Hannaford Family Trials Scholarship

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