OMCC 2015 Presentation and Club Membership Day

A great day at the club to celebrate the achievements of our members and the club in 2015.

Mark Beechey Competition Award – Brooke Lonie 

Graham Trounson Award – Tully Bowman

Clubperson of the year – Marty Lewis

Presidents  “Great Food” Award – Janina Gorski

Tim Lewis spoke about his experience at the Scottish Six Day Trial and thanked the club for sponsoring him.

A monetary contribution was given to Rocky Egan (who recently had his bikes stolen from his house) on behalf of Oakleigh Club Members. Phil Whittle presented a $500 cheque to Rocky on behalf of Trials Club of Victoria. Phil also presented a voucher for a new helmet on behalf of himself and Paul Arnott from The Hell Team.

Existing Life members of the club were acknowledged with the Pin pictured below.

Congratulations especially to all the members who received awards. A special thanks to all members who helped out with running events, Sunday ride days, Grounds maintenance, Catering in 2015. It has been a successful year for the club.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas and New Years.

-Matt L

Photos: Rocky Egan/Peter Wines


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