Glenmaggie Pre-Entries extended till Thursday Evening

The Easter Bunny is only 5 of sleeps away and that means it’s Glenmaggie week! Oakleigh Club helpers have been out at Glenmaggie setting up the property and we’ve got a ripper weekend planned. There’s got plenty of great sections set and we’ve put in an order for perfect trials weather with mother nature.

Riders from all states (and 1 territory) are making the pilgramige to this iconic property that keeps deliverying every year. There is creeks, logs rocks, hills and plenty of in between to clean out those 2 stroke exhausts!

If you haven’t sent your entry in yet, we are extending pre-entries for Glenmaggie until Thursday Evening at the absolute latest. Here’s the deal though, if you pay for your entry via Bank Transfer and email your entry in to [email protected] we can pre-enter you for this event.

Good internet is sketchy at Glenmaggie, so pre-entries must close Thursday evening!

Download Glenmaggie Supp Regs

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