New obstacles at the Oakleigh trials park

Just in time for our christmas breakup on the 14th, the club put plans in place to bring in a heap of new obstacles and freshen up some areas of the park. I have attached a number of photos below taken by Peter Wines who was one of the people working on this project. If your memory serves you well you can probably tell where these new obstacles/improvements are situated within the club grounds.


omcc-2 omcc-1 omcc-37 omcc-36 omcc-35 omcc-34 omcc-33  omcc-30 omcc-29 omcc-28 omcc-27 omcc-26 omcc-25 omcc-24 omcc-23 omcc-22 omcc-21 omcc-20 omcc-19 omcc-18 omcc-17 omcc-16omcc-2 omcc-15 omcc-14 omcc-13 omcc-12 omcc-11 omcc-10 omcc-9 omcc-8 omcc-7



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