Club opening for Melb Cup Day


OMCC is having a ride day tomorrow (Tuesday) 3/11/2020 for a ride day.

Gates open 10:30am, close 3:30pm.

You must live with in 25 km’s of the club.

Please respect all current Covid rules that have been put in place.

DO NOT bring any friends or visitors with you.

We must stick to the rules that we have previously indicted.

Enjoy your ride.

Riders accepted for Sunday’s 1/11/2020 Practice Day.

Tomorrow’s (Sunday) riding session.

Gates open 10am, close 3:30pm.


Peter Spencer

Grant Philips


Paul Garrett

Chris Grubb
Janina Gorski

Vanya Krstonosic

Cam Quirke

Daniel & Jaiden Burmas

Arpad Marton

Con Thermos

John kontsellis

Anthony Day

Laurence Gude

Phil Watt

Jake Andrew

Martyn Lewis

Ian Harper

Jonathan Bottomley

Dean Munsie

Paul Dorrity

Peter Wines

Michael Murray

Dean Molley

Stan & Zac Mularczyk

Riders accepted for Sunday’s 25/10/2020 Practice Day.

Only running one session tomorrow (Sunday) to this stage to start riding again.

Gates open 10am, close 3:30pm.

SupervisorsJustin Stone (afternoon)
David Grice (afternoon)
Stan & Zac Mularczyk (morning)
RidersVanya Krstonosic
Chris Grubb
Janina Gorski
Cam Quirke
Daniel Burmas
Jaiden Burmas
Arpad Marton
Con Thermos
Paul Garrett
John  kontsellis

No Spots remaining

Club Grounds Trial – This Sunday 16th

Just a reminder that the OMCC Club Grounds Trial is on this Sunday 16th Feb.

Open to anybody that has an AMA membership.

$20 Adult, $25 Family with a BBQ lunch.

Enter on Day at 9:30am with a 10:30 start.

All riders to wear a watch as this will be a riding and observing day. Probably about 30mins observing with the remainder riding.

See flyer for more info.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to join AMA.

Go to the following link –

Mt BawBaw Trial Results

Once again, the ski fields of Mt BawBaw produced a great trial with plenty to offer for all.

Many spectators were blown away with the “trial’s activity” being seen on the sky slopes and Mt BawBaw management very pleased with the way this sport is conducted.

7 sections from last year and 1 new one used with all existing being re-arrowed to give that new section feel.

With A, Expert and juniors doing 4 laps and the rest of the field completing 5 gave all riders and full days riding with not too much time left at the end.

Canberra’s Luke Anderson rode superbly to take out the A/Expert combined class on 32 pts with passed champion Dean Nuttall on 61 pts in 2nd and Zac Malarczyk with 71 pts in 3rd with also being the only riding doing the Expert lines.

With the Masters and B grade class combined, the older (or more experienced) riders took out the places with Simon VB in 1st, Phil Lewis in 2nd and Peter Wines in 3rd.

With Pat Sutton moving to B grade for the first time, it was Reece Chalmers taking out C+, Josh Aureri in 2nd and Bryce Robinson in 3rd.

Ben Hayes convincingly took out the C grade class with 2nd and 3rd place being quite close with Brad Watson edging out Bazil Tambanis.

Vets 40+ was also close with newly returned to the sport rider Tim Lloyd in 1st, Les Patterson in 2nd and John Rees in 3rd.

It was great to see the juniors getting around and having great fun also with Charlie Masovic, Sophie Haynes and Xavier Moore taking pops around (Steve Johnson).

Keep tuned for next year’s event with lots of new sections being considered further away from the ski centre.

Congratulations to OMCC for the huge effort getting this venue up and running and of course, all the officials and observers giving up their time for others to ride.

Attachments       2018 Mt BawBaw Trial results

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